Go for Excellence of Quality: Acquire the Most Expensive Graphics Card

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Are you someone for whom selecting a high performance card for your gaming computer is a herculean task? Try to answer the questions given below would help you make a wise

  • Do you need the most expensive graphics card?

The first concern you should address when planning to buy a video card for your gaming computer is the features you want in the device. Try to answer the following questions when it comes to performance.

  • Are you planning to build a computer from scratch?

If you are someone who is planning to build a gaming PC from scratch, it is always advised that you should go for a PCE video card. This may appear to be a bit expensive. But, the quality and improved performance in comparison to the AGP variant of the same would pay you back in full.

  • GDDR2 or GDDR3?

GDDR (Graphics Double Data Rate Memory) is the unit used to measure the memory bandwidth of a card. Know that this is different from the RAM you may install on the motherboard of your PC. As someone who wishes to go for maximum speed and long life for your computer, you would go for GDDR3. A kind of memory module which is relatively new in the field, this promises longer life for your card and better performance for your computer.

    • How much memory do you need?

You may have heard the saying; “memory would never be enough for a gamer. One should always be updated with the maximum.” This in fact is a false advice. To be honest, a 500-MB memory is more than enough to take care of most of the graphic-based programs or games. If you go for GDDR3, performance can be doubled even with the low memory bandwidth as 250 MB.

  • Is a duel graphics card a must for you?

For someone who wants to have maximum speed of performance while gaming, going for Crossfire technology is an option worth pondering upon. This is an innovative method which allows you to connect more than two video cards. Doing this would triple the speed of your gaming PC. However, this may not be the one for a person looking for a budget-friendly purchase.

  • DVI and VGA card

DVI vs. VGA is another feature which should demand your attention when shopping for a video card. While a VGA card is capable of carrying only analog signals, the VDI is capable of carrying both; analog and digital. For someone who is not that concerned of intense gaming, this would not make much difference.

  • Video cards capable of supporting dual monitor computers

You may have come across computers with two monitors in your office. This is for those who want to concentrate more in their work; one to work and the other to enjoy gaming. This is also ideal for those who enjoy multitasking. The amazing thing is that you don’t have to be a tech-savvy to enjoy this facility. Just insert the graphics card or video card in the assigned slot and instruct it to extend to the other monitor you have for the best performance.


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